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Josekipedia collects pro go games for joseki analysis. These games are also available for viewing online and downloading. Please help this collection grow by entering games.

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The entire game collection is produced nightly. Zip files are available for multiple languages.
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Recently Added Games
7151980-12-31Cho HunhyunCho Chikun
7141980-11-05Otake HideoCho Chikun
7131980-10-22Cho ChikunOtake Hideo
7121975-12-04Cho ChikunRin Kaiho
7051989-05-23Kin-man LauJanusz Kraszek
7022013-01-15Kong JieRyu Minhyung
7002013-01-10fake guyimagination
6991992-12-15Ma XiaochunKobayashi Koichi