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Josekipedia collects pro go games for joseki analysis. These games are also available for viewing online and downloading. Please help this collection grow by entering games.

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The entire game collection is produced nightly. Zip files are available for multiple languages.
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Recently Added Games
8141926-09-07Honinbo ShusaiKarigane Jun'ichi
8122020-06-15Mi YutingLi Xuanhao
8042012-06-24Ha YoungilSuzuki Ayumi
8032012-05-31Suzuki AyumiMukai Kaori
8022012-02-13Nakazono SeizoSuzuki Ayumi
8012011-04-10Mannami KanaSuzuki Ayumi
8002012-01-26Suzuki AyumiKato Tomoko
7992012-01-12Yashiro KumikoSuzuki Ayumi
7982011-12-15Suzuki AyumiKuwabara Yoko
7972011-11-03Suzuki AyumiMannami Nao