Josekipedia Talk Recent talk messages Sun, 19 Jan 2020 19:31:02 urn:josekipedia:talk:2100 New talk from 2019-12-27 06:04:30 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=176282'></a> 第1問 urn:josekipedia:talk:2099 New talk from 2019-12-21 14:17:37 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=219516'></a> position settledslightly good for blace urn:josekipedia:talk:2098 New talk from Starline Starline 2019-12-02 00:58:54 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=459243'></a> deleting~ urn:josekipedia:talk:2097 New talk from 2019-12-01 12:01:18 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=1'></a> hallo? urn:josekipedia:talk:2096 New talk from 2019-11-24 16:07:28 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=3044'></a> How is 2 a bad move here? urn:josekipedia:talk:2095 New talk from 2019-11-21 06:57:05 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=419319'></a> Black is maybe worse off than in joseki, but in no way can you say "black collapses" here urn:josekipedia:talk:2094 New talk from 2019-11-20 22:50:12 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=363640'></a> What happens next? urn:josekipedia:talk:2093 New talk from 2019-11-17 17:38:25 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=359886'></a> Leela Zero seems to prefer this over R13. urn:josekipedia:talk:2092 New talk from Starline Starline 2019-11-12 01:19:05 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=30774'></a> like the small avalanche variation, how is it joseki? it's terrible for whoever doesn't have the ladder urn:josekipedia:talk:2091 New talk from Starline Starline 2019-11-12 01:17:19 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=851'></a> I like it though urn:josekipedia:talk:2090 New talk from 2019-11-02 03:49:47 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=317876'></a> Does alphaGo change this in any way? urn:josekipedia:talk:2089 New talk from 2019-10-23 04:50:15 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=1'></a> Hi urn:josekipedia:talk:2088 New talk from 2019-10-22 13:51:36 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=333863'></a> White can tenuki? Really? What about black p16? urn:josekipedia:talk:2087 New talk from Starline Starline 2019-10-20 13:41:34 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=84'></a> I don't see 40 comments urn:josekipedia:talk:2086 New talk from 2019-10-16 05:08:52 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=1360'></a> Are you familiar with the entire country of Japan?