Josekipedia Talk Recent talk messages Wed, 29 Mar 2017 22:44:43 urn:josekipedia:talk:1517 New talk from 2017-03-26 18:09:12 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=10297'></a> urn:josekipedia:talk:1516 New talk from 2017-03-25 22:04:56 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=272462'></a> Just extend at R10 or Q10. Black is solid, but slow too. urn:josekipedia:talk:1515 New talk from 2017-03-23 18:11:42 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=287434'></a> What's the meaning of this hane? Is there a problem if white just takes the S15 stone without this exchange? urn:josekipedia:talk:1514 New talk from 2017-03-23 17:56:11 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=188132'></a> Where's the ladder? How does white punish if the ladder's bad for black? urn:josekipedia:talk:1513 New talk from 2017-03-23 09:22:18 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=168544'></a> what's this? urn:josekipedia:talk:1512 New talk from 2017-03-16 16:27:08 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=69390'></a> you have to play under black , even O17 is gonna be a good outcome urn:josekipedia:talk:1511 New talk from 2017-03-16 16:03:28 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=182720'></a> how it's good, plz explain me urn:josekipedia:talk:1510 New talk from 2017-03-12 13:20:18 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=281631'></a> ssdrerw urn:josekipedia:talk:1509 New talk from 2017-03-12 13:20:08 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=281631'></a> wef urn:josekipedia:talk:1508 New talk from 2017-03-12 13:19:58 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=281631'></a> wrew urn:josekipedia:talk:1507 New talk from 2017-03-09 15:25:11 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=56275'></a> aynen urn:josekipedia:talk:1506 New talk from 2017-03-07 15:23:56 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=275571'></a> It captures White urn:josekipedia:talk:1505 New talk from 2017-03-06 09:38:37 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=312175'></a> what's next? urn:josekipedia:talk:1504 New talk from 2017-03-06 03:55:37 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=69390'></a> Agree. Why is this bad? Please tell me how white should respond. urn:josekipedia:talk:1503 New talk from 2017-03-06 02:41:12 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=12485'></a> 백 거적떼기