The Game Collection

Josekipedia features a user-contributed collection of professional go games. The goal is to collect every professional go game ever played and provide them free to the go community. Josekipedia will eventually automatically parse and discover the joseki in these games and integrate this information with the user-contributed joseki database.

Adding Games

To add a game, you may enter the moves on a virtual goban or import from an SGF file. During an import, the SGF gets interpreted and saved in a custom format designed for internationalization and extensibility. The players of the game must be either found in the Josekipedia player database, or added during an import. This enables exports of the games in different languages, displaying player names and eventually other metadata in a localized format. Please note that all variations except for the main line are thrown away, and all comments discarded.


Josekipedia is a site created and hosted in the United States, and adheres to US Copyright Law. See the Berne Convention for how Copyright law applies internationally in some contexts.

The go game database collected here is freely distributed with a Creative Commons License.

Game records obtained from books, live records, or imported from SGF files are not subject to copyright restrictions due to the following: