Josekipedia Technology

Josekipedia belongs to Web 2.0: interactive, interoperable, user-driven, fast, and fully online.

Joseki Browser

The Javascript application that lets you browse the Joseki database is based upon the fantastic open-source package Eidogo by Justin Kramer. The heavy modifications (often easily categorized as hacks) are likewise released under the AGPL license, and you may browse the source. One warning: the changes made to Eidogo were not designed to be reverse-merged back into the trunk. Eidogo is an extremely flexible goban application, but I have traded some of that flexibility for ease in development in my modifications.

Joseki Database

All Joseki information is stored in a backend database, queried dynamically by the Javascript app.

Other Javascript

The site makes heavy use of JQuery, the defacto web Javascript standard. Several plugins are used for UI elements.

Joseki API

Access to the Joseki database works through an API designed to be public. Actions such as querying for positions, adding discussion, editing variations, and so forth are exposed through a REST-like interface. These APIs will eventually be documented.